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Square Coffee Table HIFUWA BCF-V60-G And 2 Chairs

Square Coffee Table HIFUWA BCF-V60-G And 2 Chairs

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Square Coffee Table HIFUWA BCF-V60-G And 2 Chairs

Elevate your living area with the sophistication of the Square Coffee Table HIFUWA BCF-V60-G paired with two stylish chairs. This ensemble effortlessly merges style and functionality, offering a delightful space for relaxation and conversations.

Key Features:

  • Premium PU Lacquered Rubber Wood Tabletop: Immerse yourself in luxury with the meticulously crafted rubber wood tabletop, adorned with a premium PU lacquered finish. This finish not only adds to its visual charm but also ensures longevity against daily wear.
  • Sturdy Circular Wooden Legs: The table stands firmly on round wooden legs, offering stability and a touch of natural beauty. These wooden legs contribute to the inviting atmosphere of your living area, making it perfect for unwinding.
  • Electrostatically Coated Iron Frame: The table's iron frame features an electrostatic paint coating, providing enhanced durability against environmental factors. This protective layer preserves the table's allure over time.
  • Thoughtful Weight Distribution: Weighing 19lbs (9 kg) for the table and each chair, the ensemble is balanced for aesthetics and practicality. This equilibrium ensures a harmonious blend of design and utility.
  • Generous Dimensions: The table's dimensions of Width 23.6" x Depth 23.6" x Height 29.1" (Width 600mm x Depth 600mm x Height 740mm) offer ample surface area. Each chair measures Width 17.3" x Depth 16.2" x Height 31.5" (440mm x 410mm x 800mm), providing comfortable seating that complements the table.
  • Crafted with Japanese Excellence: Reflecting the precision of Japanese craftsmanship, this set is manufactured to the highest standards of quality. Every detail is thoughtfully designed to ensure a lasting and gratifying addition to your space.
  • 2-Year Warranty: We stand by the durability and quality of our product. Each purchase of the Square Coffee Table HIFUWA BCF-V60-G and 2 Chairs comes with a 2-year warranty, providing you with peace of mind.

Transform your living area with the Square Coffee Table HIFUWA BCF-V60-G and 2 Chairs. Experience the fusion of aesthetics and practicality, all backed by Japanese craftsmanship. Create an inviting haven for relaxation and enjoyment, adorned with enduring quality and timeless design.

Type: All, HIFUWA
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